Spring has sprung in Carrollton….

…and that means POLLEN and lots of it! By the way, have you heard of the artist Wolfgang Laib? He’s a German conceptualist who uses, among other natural media, pollen for large installations like the ones below. There he is, sifting the fine powder onto the floor in a large square. He collects it himself from the environs surrounding his home in Germany. Does that not just make your sinuses cringe in terror!? He should visit Carrollton about this time of year, he could sweep up a few installations worth just off of my car! Regardless, it looks pretty beautiful and I shudder to imagine what would happen if someone lost track of Junior at one of his shows.

So what have we been up to you ask? Well, we got the place up and running and it looks great. It’s not ‘small’ it’s ‘cozy’ and ‘intimate’ and tastefully arranged. We had the good fortune of getting several pedestals and tables form a gallerist that was downsizing so there’s plenty of space to show new work.

Last evening from 5-8 was ART Takeover in downtown and thanks to the balmy early spring weather it was a great time. We sold a few pieces and got to meet a lot of the local collectors who had yet to discover us on our sleepy side of Rome Street off Adamson Square. If you missed it, dont worry, we’re here Tuesday thru Saturday to greet you!