Marcella Kuykendall – Ceramics


Artist Statement

My work focuses on contrasting elements. A variety of illustrative techniques, textures and patterns are utilized in my decorative pottery to create complex and colorful surfaces. In my more conceptual work, these elements, along with symbols and the addition of figurative elements, illustrate my interest in underlying psychological states. The divide between how we perceive ourselves and what we wish to perceive in ourselves can be vast.  This division disconnects individuals and creates a feeling of vexation. Much of what remains hidden and restrained are our most powerful emotions, such as anger, sadness and desire. Through my work I provide expression to these more dynamic sentiments and reconnect to them by bringing them to the surface. Many of my pieces reveal the contradictory nature found in such states as individuals try to balance their interior and exterior realities.

Marcella Kuykendall is a native of Carrollton, Georgia. After earning a BFA in sculpture and a minor in theatre from the University of West Georgia, she began working with art and the community through SCRAP Bin, a creative reuse center that turned discarded items into new artistic projects. Kuykendall also served as gallery assistant at the Cultural Arts Council in Douglasville under a fellowship. The artist then moved to South Carolina to receive an MFA in Studio Art and a graduate museum management certificate from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Since graduating in 2017, she has worked as the Visual Arts Coordinator for the Carrollton Center for the Arts.

These inner sentiments and personalities are manifest in the works through gesture, material choice, bodily manipulation and costume.