Scott Foxx – Mixed Media Art

headshot S.FoxxDSCN4706

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: ‘I make things’ is the best explanation both what I do and who I am- and painting is my clearest voice. In my paintings I am trying to capture all the sights, sounds and textures of the Southern way of life all at once, image by image. In my studio, classical methods merge with inspirations drawn from regional culture, such as quilting, farming, folklore, bluegrass music and jazz, to become densely layered images, both sculptural and painterly. The hybrid of these disparate influences, traditionally ‘high’ versus ‘low’, flat versus physical, is handled with an eye to Formalism and a pursuit of beauty. My answer to ‘which color?’ is ‘yes’, my decision about layers is ‘more’, the collaging and de-collaging of which give my works their particular patina.

Like my hometown of Savannah I hope that the rich surfaces suggest to the viewer the presence of time and weather, two things we in Georgia find as inescapable as gnats, which we choose to celebrate as much as despise. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh, so to speak. I don’t ‘know’ the people in my paintings, but I remember them anyway, and what they sounded like, and how they talk. My animals are totems of a rural way of life that I visit as often as I can and of a spirituality that looks below as much as above- finding a moment of holiness in the sight of something only partially tamed.

I hope you enjoy this work, and that it speaks to something in you as well. I am happy to accept commissions if there is a particular subject you would like to see. Feel free to stop and talk with me about it, or, just tell me about your momma’s biscuit recipe…